Lamaya is first flamenco female violinist


Lamaya is first flamenco female violinist in both Spain and Internationally to develop the field of flamenco instrumentalist in the closed traditional world.
She started flamenco 8 years ago in Granada when she deeply fell in love with the Spanish passionate art where she could express herself deeply and freely.
She soon finds out that flamenco is very popular in her own country, Japan. She has always loved the sound of the violin and the guitar together and the phryian scale which produces a nostalgic sound. As an outsider, nothing was easy.

She has worked and learned at the same time with the finest local flamenco artists, shared life which enables her to transmit and respect the art of pure flamenco.

Collaborated whit artist such as:                                     Farruquito, El Carpeta, Rosendo Fernández, Luis Mariano, Torombo, Emilio Maya, Manolete, Juan Andres Maya, Juan Habichuela Nieto, Eugenio Iglesias, La Nitra, Orchestra of Chekara de Tetuán, Rafael Habichuela, Ivan Vargas, Alba Heredia.






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