My cd of flamenco violin “Dos colores”

My flamenco CD “Dos Colores” is with Guitarist Emilio Maya .He`s a well known guitarist internationally but his roots of flamenco lies deep being from gypsy family of Motril , Granada.

We have created this CD with lots of Love and emotions because this is the first album ever launched of Flamenco guitar and violin duet.

Flamenco has been a closed tradition for the locals for years and this type of combination was non existent in the flamenco market.This CD is completely a new concept! The CD is called “Dos Colores” which means two colours because its a unique culture mix of Gypsy and classical music creates a magical moment. The Cd is available on CD baby ( icon located on my flamenco page ) or simply on Itunes.



Cancer charity fashion show Barcelona

I had been asked to perform at the Charity concert of Barcelona. It took place recently in October 2015 at Casino Marina Barcelona organised by ORG events in association with Catalunya cancer organisation.

As an artist, it felt great to be able to participate in a good cause which so many of us nearby suffer nearby from. I was honoured as an invited artist to play for few designers runaway.There were also flamenco artists, opera singers, jazz musician and hip-hop dancers.





Journey to become a violinist

I was one of those kids who was always in her dream world. Spaced out most of the time and my reflex was slow as  a snail. My mom tried everything from making me learn ballet ,craft, piano to wake me up a bit. But unfortunately nothing worked. Even with piano , I  would never learn a single  note. I was officially labelled as a slow kid.